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I am being granted access to the information contained on this site in order to review certain information ofSDEH&WT or their affiliates. I understand that my access to this site is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All of the information contained on this site is considered confidential, and is subject to the Confidentiality Agreement entered into betweenSDEH&WT and the company that I represent. I will maintain the information in confidence and will not disclose any of the information to others except as expressly permitted by the Confidentiality Agreement.
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  1. The information on this site has been prepared to assist interested parties in making their own evaluation of a prospective transaction with SDEH&WT and SDEH&WT does not represent the information as being all-inclusive or to contain all information that may be desirable or required in order to properly evaluate a potential transaction.
  1. I understand that SDEIT is making no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, and that SDEH&WT will have no liability with respect to any use or reliance upon any of the information.

  2. Although SDEH&WT may include links providing direct access to other Internet sites, SDEH&WT is not responsible for the security, accuracy or content of information contained in these sites

  3.  I acknowledge that I have sufficient funds in my account to make the payment to SDEH&WT. If my payment or transaction is returned or rejected without payment due to insufficient funds then I shall be responsible for any service charge incurred by SDEH&WT associated with the return or rejected payment or transaction.  I also acknowledge that neither I nor my dependent(s) will be eligible for benefits during any time period in which my payment or transaction is returned or rejected due to insufficient payment. I shall be responsible for any and claims paid by SDEHW&T for services incurred by me or my dependents during my period of ineligibility as well as any services fees paid by SDEHW&T that can not be recovered from the service provider.

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